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If you are opting for a back panel this is a good time to attach it. It's going to be difficult later.

Panels are not supplied by Rat Rig, they are meant to be sourced locally. DXF files are provided for each panel and machine size.

CAUTION: Panel should not be thicker than 4mm, or it will not fit.

If needed, drill the M6 holes and fasten the Cap Head Screw M6x12 through them

Attach the 3030 Drop-in T-Nut M6 to the screws

Some kits may use M5x12 screws with M5 T-Nuts for this step. If this is the case for your kit, it will include 18 M5x12 Cap head screws. If not, it will include only 4 of those screws.

Cable Management Printed Parts (Optional and not included in the kit shipped by Rat Rig)

Fit the panel on the inner frame and fasten all of the screws

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