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This step assumed you left the Y MGN rails screws loose

Please refer to the linear rail installation guide for instructions on the correct order to fasten the cap head screws in the following steps

Move the X gantry to the front of the frame and back to uncover the first hole in the rail

Fully fasten in the first Y MGN screws locking their position in the X dimension of the printer while at Ymin

Move the gantry to the back and fully fasten the last screws of the Y MGN rails locking the rails position in the "X of the printer" at Ymax

Lock the 8x screws holding the X gantry to it's MGN carriages

Move the X gantry back and forward a few times to ensure there are no spots where the gantry moves less freely. If the gantry gets caught somewhere loosen the MGN rails and repeat the process

Fully fasten all of the Y MGN screws and check again if the gantry is not binding

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