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Gripping both sides of the carriage, carefully line up the carriage with the linear rail. You will note that the carriage has two “wings” which align with the channel on the rail.

Slowly slide the carriage on to the linear rail. It is normal for it to resist sliding back on, but it must not be forced as you can cause the ball bearings to be ejected from the raceway. Reinstallation is easiest if you have a clear view of the underside of the carriage.

If the carriage feels that it is binding or resisting sliding back onto the rail, slide it off completely and try again. Do not be tempted to force it, or touch the ball bearing raceways.

Once the carriage has been fully placed upon the rail, slide it the full length of its travel. This will distribute the lubricant and ensure there are no binding points.

Reinsert the plastic “stop” into the hole on the rail.

Reattach any components to the carriage which were removed in step 1.

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