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Start by adjusting the position of the Flexible Coupling to make sure that both the Lead Screw and the Nema 23 motor shaft are fully inserted inside the ends of the coupling.

Make sure the flat face of the D shaped motor shaft is facing the set screw on the Flexible Coupling. Tighten down the set screws on both sides.

Tighten down the larger clamping screws on your coupling.

Press the lock collar against the Y plate and firmly tighten down its set screw.

Grab your XZ Carriage firmly, so it doesn't move, and use a spanner to tighten the Tensioner nut until your lead screw is under tension. Excessive tension should be avoided, as it will increase part wear. You may need to adjust tension once you start using the machine, if you notice whip/vibration on the lead screw.

Instead of grabbing the carriage, you can also manually spin the lead screw until the carriage has reached its right-most position. In this position the carriage can't move once you start tightening the Tensioner Nut.

Press these 2 lock collars against their respective Y Plates and tighten down their set screws.

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